Kodak Verichrome (V127) Film

This is an unopened, expired roll of “Kodak Verichrome (V127)”, with a “Develop Before” date of “S JULY 1951 LL”. The box features the classic Kodak “Yellow”, with the name “Kodak” in bright red text on the top. The front reads; “Kodak Verichrome Film”, accompanied by a red and black checker stripe along the sides of the box.

“Verichrome” was Kodak’s version of “Safety Film” (Cellulose acetate film). In the 1920s manufactures were searching for a suitable replacement for the unstable and highly flammable nitrate film; which had been previously used in both still and motion picture photography. Introduced by Kodak 1931, “Verichrome” was released in various film formats including 116, 120, 127, 616, 620; as well as 828.The main advantage of “Verichrome” over previous Kodak NC “Non-curling” film (introduced in 1903) was a finer grain, increased light sensitivity and speed in the emulsion. The original “Verichrome” was eventually replaced by “Verichrome Pan” in 1956; and was produced by Kodak until 1995. The film speed of the original “Verichrome” would have been rated at 50 ASA; while the later “Verichrome Pan” was 125 ASA.

The 127 film format, sometimes referred to as “Vest Film” was introduced in 1912, and was originally designed for the “Vest Pocket Kodak” folding camera. 127 would never really become one of the main film formats due to the fact that the 127 cameras where primarily marketed towards the niche market of candid snap-shot photography. However, during the 1950s; 127 enjoyed a brief revival as market demand shifted towards compact inexpensive cameras that used smaller film formats. Despite this, by the 1960s; 127 had lost ground to the highly successful 35mm and 126 Instamatic film formats; as camera and film manufactures turned their attention to developing 35mm and Instamatic cameras and film. Kodak would cease the production of 127 film in 1995.

These un-exposed Duo – Pack Two Roll of Kodak Verichrome Safety Film  roll have been found inside box,along  with a Rolliecord ll (Type 4) camera. There where over  10 Duom packs in total. All the frames are from Seminole Okalee village, in Hollywood,FL, Lake Arrowhaed,CA, Los Angeles,Hollywood, CA and New York City.

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