There is “one” rule on any movie set in the world – NO PHOTOS.  

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If you are a movie Extra DO NOT bring a camera onset and do not take out your mobile phone and start snapping photos.  

In America I have heard stories of the Director storming up to the movie extra taking the camera and smashing it on the ground – then telling the Extra to get off the set and reinforcing this by having security escort the movie Extra out, without pay. Extras are the main photo snapper with there mobile or small digital camera. 

You never get the film crew or any member of the production staff taken any photos. There could quite easily but they know if they are caught they will get fired on the spot. 

I was a motion picture stills photographer and even then you could only take the shot when the Director was there or a off the film set, photo section was set up by a production member of staff working under the supervision of the director and in coordination with the art director and the publicist, the publicity designer develops, coordinates, facilitates, and oversees the design of publicity materials including posters, promo shots etc.

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