the very best of friends

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Blyth suffered a “compressed fracture” of the spine on April 22, 1945 per newspaper reports via. Google News Archive. She was tobaggoning at Snow Valley, 14 miles east of Lake Arrowhead, when she hit a rock concealed in the snow and fell on the small of her back fracturing her spine. By the following Thursday she was in satisfactory condition although she was set to be confined to the hospital “for some time.”

That’s Blyth’s singing voice in her MGM musicals. She also released an album called “Hail, Mary” on the Everest labei in 1960. “Ann Blyth reverently sings and narrates an original Christmas musical written for records by Jerry Livingston and Lenny Adlson.”

“while on vacation at Lake Arrowhead, she is hurled from a toboggan and breaks her back. Doctors suspect she may never walk again, but she recovers after 14 months.” This is from a timeline on her life from an online fan site. I don’t know how accurate it is.

What was so special about Ann? Well, she was just a nice person who always had a warm smile and a pleasant word for she exuded maternal compassion and was ever willing to listen to anyone’s tales of woe (including mine). One day she gave me her number she had written down… she placed it in my hand. She smiled and said to phone this number when you get to Lake Arrowhead.

I really couldn’t wait for Saturday to come that week – On that morning I was get ready , the phone  rang Hi John it’s Ann I was just checking that you remembered . Ann had go her driving license, and she what’d to drive  down scenic route down CA-243 abounds with mountain vistas and fire-following spring flowers. From Redlands, the CA-38 meanders northeast through an impressive rocky landscape that modulates into conifer territory as one climbs toward Big Bear Dubbed “Southern California’s only four-season resort,” Big Bear Lake nevertheless has an off-season in spring. After the skiers have departed and before the summer crowd has arrived, accommodations are plentiful and cheaper than at other times, although both weather and sightseeing are at their best in spring.

Did I mind if she picked me up at my house. When she arrived at my door there were two friends with her she introduced them too me and we started off, she was ok her driving was good she was a little on the slow side but she kept up with traffic ok. When we arrived I got dropped off at my Uncles house, at 27423 North Bay Road, Lakefront – Zip Code: 92352. It’s still there to this day, it has been rebuilt and it’s a bit bigger now I still have great memory of that day’s. I got it off my Uncle in the late 60’s.I always try to go up there in the early spring  I like to go sailing on the Lake.

That night when I called to pick her up my eyes began to pop to see her in this evening dress – with curves that wouldn’t stop. The dress was flared, but short enough to show a lovely pair of shapely legs in nylon hose. I tried hard not to stare. The top was snug, not cut too low, I actually had a date! The four of us Joan McCarthy, Jimmy Gerharty, Ann Blyth and me. From that first vocation at Lake Arrowhead we have always been friends.


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