About Me

stage 7

During my 60-year career, I worked in the Motion Picture Industrial I worked has a Motion Picture Stills Photographer, and in cinematography.

I grew up in Los Angeles. When I graduated from high school, like most youngsters, he had a favourite playground: it happened to be the old Warner Bros. Studio on Sunset Boulevard where my uncial worked   as a production manager, I working as a darkroom accent on Sunset Boulevard for, Consolidated Film Industries in Hollywood, where I worked for four years.

After graduating has an electrical engineer from California Institute of Technology. I was hired by Byron Haskin, ASC, and head of the Warner Bros. Special Effects Department on Stage 5 in Burbank. Since this was the largest such department in the movie business, I was able to work with some of the top cinematographers in the effects field, such as ASC fellows Edwin DuPar, Hans Koenekamp and Warren Lynch.

I started freelancing in still photography after an agent called me. He introduced himself, said he represented Famous Artists Corporation, a medium-sized, but very exclusive, agency that was extremely particular about whom it represented. No featured players, only stars and big directors. The agency was owned by Charles K. Feldman, considered on a par with Lew Wasserman as a great agent and creative thinker. He also produced a few pictures now and then. Much of his power derived from lengthy and close friendships with Darryl Zanuck and Jack Warner.


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